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Maximising Success: 8 Key Survey Types for Franchises

In franchising, success comes from upholding brand standards, driving performance, ensuring sustainability, and fostering a great environment for franchisees and…

Leveraging Franchise Surveys & Audits: The Power of Results, Analysis, and Insights

For companies operating a franchise network, understanding the performance, capabilities and health of the network is paramount to overall success….

Bridging Strategy and Execution: Unleashing the Power of Business Performance Management and Location-Level Reporting

Bridging the gap between head office strategy and location-level execution is a critical challenge for franchisors and OEMs. To align…

OEM Dealer Performance Management with Loop Software: A Comprehensive Solution to Common Challenges

The relationship between Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and dealerships is typically one of interdependence. Dealerships rely on OEMs to provide…

5 tips for creating location level reporting for your network

As an OEM or a Franchisor, creating reports for your network of locations can be a minefield. Here are 5…

5 reasons OEMs and Franchise Brands should prioritise location-level reporting

As an OEM or Franchise Brand, are you maximising the potential of location-level reporting in comparison to the reporting available…


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Loop in the news

Loop shortlisted for ‘Best Franchise Supplier’ award

Loop, the leading franchise performance management software, is shortlisted in the ‘Best Franchise Supplier’ category at the Virtual Franchise Awards 2022. Run by the Quality Franchise Association, and sponsored by…

Volkswagen Group UK Set to Transform Business Intelligence for their UK Retailer Network with Loop

Volkswagen Group UK has awarded River Software a three-year contract to implement Loop, a business performance management platform which will support their 600-strong retailer network with actionable data insight. Loop will share data and…


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