Empowering performance improvement through data

We're passionate about using data to unlock business insights that drive performance improvement.

Our story

Created by River Software, specifically for businesses with a large network, Loop combines cutting-edge business intelligence software with action planning to create an intuitive Business Performance Management platform that centralises data, facilitates collaboration, and drives continual improvement in KPI performance. 

We believe getting accurate and reliable data to the people who need it most is key to driving growth. Our approach centres around three key principles - Insights, Actions and Accountability.

With 20 years of experience, we've acquired significant knowledge and expertise in helping large organisations get the empower their workforce to drive change and improvement. We understand the nuances and complexities that come with having a large network of sites, stores, or outlets, and the hierarchies and actions they require.

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How we work

Data handling

We're experts in handling disparate data sets, and understanding the KPIs businesses need to measure.


Creating successful customer relationships by developing an advanced understanding of their business is key to our operation.


Even after go-live, our expert team of data specialists and account managers provide proactive and continued support.

About Loop

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Our core values

Everything Loop does is underpinned by our values.

Collaboration: We believe that working as a team is the best way to deliver results, both with our customers and internally.

Innovation: Both our software and overall approach to work are continually reviewed and developed to drive efficiency. 

Honesty: We believe teamwork is central to achieving the right outcomes, and that requires honesty, both internally and with our customers.

Reliability: Whether it's products or services, we pride ourselves on being a team that always delivers on its promises.

Data security

Compliance: We operate under strict GDPR ruling and get audited annually for ISO 27001 standards.

Controlled platform access: We have single sign on integration and set permissions at individual user level.

Data protection: We have a dedicated Data Protection Officer to ensure your data is safe at all times.

Penetration testing: We believe in transparency, and reports of our software and infrastructure are available for you to review.


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