Assign accountability

Giving your teams accountability is the same as giving them responsibility and power. And it helps you achieve results.


Manage your network

Large organisations often operate in three silos: Head Office, Field Teams, Site Employees.

Each of them are responsible for different things as they work towards the same goal - improving operations to increase efficiency and profitability.

Loop gives the right level of access to everyone who needs it.


Head Office can see what's happening overall, by area, or by KPIs.

people working together

Field Teams can see how the sites and regions are performing, how they compare, and who needs the most support.


Site staff can obtain real-time insight on the actions they are taking, how their performance is changing, and the impact this has on the business.

How Loop helps empower your workforce

Everyone pulls in the same direction

Shared visibility of meetings, visits, discussions, actions, and performance means everyone can see what is happening, and understand why specific decisions have been made.

Emboldened, proactive staff

Everyone can see what actions improve which KPIs most. Problems are not usually site-specific - they recur across multiple sites. Actions that worked for one site are likely to work for another, and Loop gives your teams the visibility they need to take advantage of other teams' knowledge and processes.

Clearer evidence of impact

You can see if actions are being followed up on, if operating standards are being upheld, if field teams visits are making a difference, and whether KPI targets within actions are being met.



Centralise your data, making it easier to uncover insights that require critical action.



Set actions for your teams that improve productivity and grow your business.



Benefit from incisive action reporting as well as improved accountability.

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A track record of improving outcomes


Killy Sandhu

Commerical Support Manager, Volvo

"Having insight as part of the business helps us improve performance across the network. It also captures areas where further development may be required, so we can secure better customer satisfaction going forward."


Responsibility motivates your workforce. Make it happen with Loop.