Take action

Get your organisation moving by creating KPIs that promote genuine, measurable actions.


Beat the data surplus

Insights are great. Taking actions driven by them is better.

Too often, however, data is gathered, and KPIs are set ... and that's it.

Most data visualisation and BI software stops here. Processes become disjointed, actions are not taken, and any accountability for improving KPIs and driving business outcomes is lost.


There is where Loop is different. Our Action Planning module allows you to assign actions to the KPIs that need it. You can then allocate the actions to team members - real people who get things done.

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Everyone has visibility over these actions, can see what is working in real-time, and continue to drive performance improvement.

How Loop helps you set Actions that deliver results

Data-led action taking

Team members across your organisation are making decisions and taking action based on real-time insights, not just a gut feeling.

Drive proactive behaviours

With everyone getting access to the real-time information they need (and not information they don't), team members can address issues immediately, and not wait for results to be published from head office.

Consistent approach

Intuitive interlinked modules in Loop provide your teams with one system to work from, where all information can be stored monitored, and worked on using the same processes.

Shared learning

Actions that improve specific KPIs can be shared across your organisation, especially the sprawling location networks Loop was designed for.



Centralise your data, making it easier to uncover insights that require critical action.



Set actions for your teams that improve productivity and grow your business.

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Benefit from incisive action reporting as well as improved accountability.

A record of driving KPI performance

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"One of the main reasons we use Loop is for the Action Planning element and the benefits are undeniable - KPIs assigned an action are 70% more likely to see improvements."


It's time to turn insights into actions.