Life in the Fast Lane

A Network Directors and Franchise Owners navigational blueprint for the next decade.

This automotive strategy report addresses the current state of the automotive industry with a focus on automotive retail and franchises, outlining how to simultaneously consolidate networks and achieve growth. The automotive industry was already in a period of change, which was accelerated in 2020 by the pandemic, and dealerships sit in the middle facing pressure to make hard choices about their role in the future of automotive retail.

For manufacturers and dealership groups that make the right choices today, change is an opportunity.

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What's under the bonnet?

A graphic report of world-wide research from across the automotive industry

An analysis of global and regional trends from data spanning the last decade

An in-depth cross-section of automotive retail performance, trends & future predictions

Strategies on how to transform this data into action and create a competitive advantage beyond 2021

open eBook showing automotive trends