Data Playbook

Our go-to guide for turning data into action

Welcome to Loop's Data Playbook

This playbook is designed to boost your confidence in your data and show you how easy we make the process of centralising and integrating your data into Loop. We know that understanding data can be overwhelming especially when it’s complex, in different places and in an array of shapes and sizes.

Together, we can pull the plaster off and do the heavy data lifting for you. Ready to do more with your data? Let’s dive in! It’s not as bad as you might think.

Loop Software Data Playbook

Exploring your vision

Strong foundations are built on the basics. We are well versed in the challenges you face with your data. So we get to grips with understanding your business goals and aligning those to your KPIs right from the start.

At Loop, we don’t believe in simply unearthing insights, we believe in actionable insights so you not only know if there’s a performance issue, but drive the behaviour you want to consistently across your business.

Our data specialists will work alongside you to understand your current challenges and ensure that your business questions will be confidently answered with data transparency.

Choosing your KPIs

Strong foundations are built on the basics. We are well versed in the challenges you face with your data. So we get to grips with understanding your business goals and aligning those to your KPIs right from the start.

We turn a mixed bag of data into meaningful metrics – just like that!

Discovering data sources

You’re swamped with work – we know. So we ease the load a little by chatting directly to your data people (internal or external). We know how to talk the talk, so when it comes to data collection, we’re all over it. You don’t need to worry.

Whether your data lives in-house or with a third- party (or has a foot in both camps), here are a few perks to the way we work.

Understanding data formats

Data is often a motley crew of assorted formats and delivery methods. The good news is we’ve got really good at stitching together the variant parts of a data landscape – accepting anything as long as it’s a readable data file.

These are the most common data types we work with but if you think yours is something a little out of the ordinary – give us a shout. We love a challenge…

Such as .csv, .xlsx (encrypted or Zipped)
Spreadsheet files can be delivered by email to secure inboxes or via SFTP.

Client Data Feeds
Such as SalesForce, Oracle or SAP
We can work with in-house systems to retrieve data directly from the source.

Cloud Based Apps
Such as Google API or Google Sheets
Our software can integrate directly with cloud-based apps.

Integrating with our platform

Ready for the technical bit? Not quite? That’s ok, because we are. At this point, we’ll already have a really clear picture of how your data needs to be stitched together. So, we hit the ground running and seamlessly weave your data into the Loop platform.

When that’s done, future data feeds are automated – no human intervention is needed. That leaves you to get on with the important stuff, knowing your data integrations are signed, sealed and delivered.

This is what getting your data from ‘A’ to ‘B’ could look like. From messy or multiple sources to clean and coherent, your data will be ready to give you all the right answers.

integrating with Loop Software

Configuring data displays

The same data can be used by different people in many different ways. Some will want to see the bigger picture and others will need to delve deep.

We advise you on what’ll work best and then create the layouts that will bring your data to life – no matter how complex your business may be.

Zoomed in or zoomed out, limited or limitless, ranged or free-range. How you visualise your data is critical in telling your story to others and importantly how that can quickly identify business areas needing attention or improvement.

Keeping your data safe

Keeping your data totally secure is top of our list.

First off, we want to meet your security representative to go over the project. Then we carry out a risk assessment and produce an information assurance plan. This’ll show you how we minimise and handle any risks.

Our data protection officer is continually reviewing and improving our standards as challenges shift and evolve.

A few of our security measures that’ll put a smile on your face (and help you sleep at night)…

We are here to help

As a business, data is one of the most important assets you have. But experience tells us it can also cause a lot of headaches. That’s why we work hard to understand your data right now, as well the shape you want it to take in the future. Not just tomorrow, but 2, 3 or 5 years ahead.

In case you were wondering, we’re not just good with data, we’re also good with people. With stacks of experience advising businesses like yours, we select the best project team to work with you for long-term success.

We’ll put together a dedicated project team for you, including:

At Loop, you and your data are always in safe hands.

Our credentials

At Loop, we help people from some of the UK’s most iconic brands, including Volkswagen Group UK, Honda, Neighborly and AGCO to empower their teams with data creating a sales and service experience that drives increased performance.

15 Languages

for customers all around the globe.

In house experts

are always there when you need us.

Microsoft Gold Partner


What's next?

We’ll work with you to understand your vision. And with plenty of experience advising customers just like you, we can help you with what works and what doesn’t.

A number of different things can happen to get to the launch of your business improvement platform such as;

With the right people to get the best results and share knowledge.

Q&A session
Let’s get to know each other better, and grow our understanding.

Module selection
We help you decide which tools you need to support your data and improve performance.

Custom features
Scope out any features we can build for your specific requirements.

Free trial
Try out our platform to get stuck in and see what works best for you.