Loop's Organisational Performance Management software is designed specifically for large businesses with a network of locations.

Loop gives you all the tools you need to manage your network, measure performance, maintain standards, and provide transparency of team activity.


Imagine what it would be like to...

Drive business improvement and efficiency across your network of locations
  • Focus on actions and outcomes, not just data

  • Provide a single source of truth with data from all levels of the company, stored in one place

  • Analyse business performance at every level

  • Provide the flexibility to accommodate every business with their own set of issues and needs

  • Have a system that both technical and non-technical people can share

  • Allow people to focus on the things that matter to their level whilst keeping a vision of the whole

Now imagine what it would be like to accomplish those things easily.

With Loop, you can.

Loop in the retail sector

The retail industry has never had it tougher. Rising costs, scarcer stock and staff, economic uncertainty, ever increasing competition from online, and more demanding customers than ever.

That’s why it’s vital to boost organisational performance wherever possible.

Whether it’s increasing average basket value, reducing customer complaints, upselling to click and collect customers, lowering waste, or reducing shoplifting – small changes in each store can make a big difference to overall performance.

By collating all these KPIs in one place, Loop helps benchmark each stores performance against the entire network, region, or just comparable outlets. This means each store can pinpoint the areas to focus on to make the biggest difference to their performance and, as a result, boost the overall performance of the entire organisation.

Loop in the retail sector

Loop in numbers


KPIs created


data imports


actions assigned


meetings scheduled

more efficient


Analysts get

of their time back


improvement in efficiency and performance

Why Loop?

We have years of experience working with companies that have a network of stores, providing unique insights into implementing changes at scale and the powerful tools needed to make the implementation possible.

We also understand that every store is part of improvement and each will have its own set of challenges to overcome as part of a company-wide improvement project.

Loop enables you to:

  • Get on top of your data

  • Take action on real-time insights

  • Ensure consistency in your field teams' activity

  • Drive proactivity and accountability

Why Loop?

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