Business Performance Surveys

Drive business improvement and compliance with our Survey module. Gather your insights into a centralised platform and use this data to create tailored action plans. 

Turn your surveys into action

Running a multi-site business requires continually tracking key metrics across locations. Auditing locations against brand standards and guidelines provides useful data, but how can you ensure those insights translate into better performance?


Trends and comparisons

Centralised view

Case Study

Key Benefits for:

  • Centralise survey data into dashboards to identify needs
  • Compare locations to uncover and share best practices
  • Turn insights into action plans to drive improvement
  • Gain visibility into audit performance across all locations
  • Review location audit scores on interactive dashboards
  • Drill into underperforming sites to identify focus areas
  • Track task completion by location managers
  • Share best practices between locations
  • Complete brand audits and surveys digitally
  • Review location’s scores to identify strengths and gaps
  • Receive and complete follow-up tasks from surveys
  • Benchmark performance against other locations
  • Clear guidance on the survey and audit process
  • Provide feedback through digital surveys
  • Take ownership of tasks to drive improvement
  • See improvements from completing surveys
Loop business performance management software. Make data-driven decisions that improve performance.

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