Focussing on standards in turbulent times

Like many automotive and franchise network operators during 2021-22, driving growth and improving performance when new car stock is getting harder to come by was a major challenge.

The Lotus team saw this as an opportunity to address other ongoing concerns and areas of opportunity, including aftersales and retailer standards compliance. Lotus, which in early 2022 switched 14 of its franchised car retail sites to an agency model agreement, will be using Loop to support the network by tracking performance and improving accountability across all teams by increasing data-sharing across their entire network.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Loop, whose intuitive platform centralises our data, enables greater collaboration, and for us to measure the impact of actions our teams are taking on our KPIs. Loop is already driving improvements in performance within our network.”



Loop has been rolled out to all dealers in the Lotus network. Lotus can now share data and KPIs at every level, giving all users a single, open and transparent view of performance – a crucial requirement at a time of rapid change for the industry.

USLOT Performance, Lotus's branded version of Loop, covers all of their dealer standards (there are different versions for agents, traditional retailers, used cars retailers only, authorised repairers, etc) which are viewable only to the relevant Lotus Centres, using the permissions functionality built in to every version of Loop as standard. Loop is the only place Lotus Centres can access this information.


“Our agency move is a response to the growing demand from customers to switch seamlessly between online and offline channels during the entire buying process. Loop will play a key role in making this process go smoothly.”


Within six months of launching USLOT Performance (the Lotus branded version of Loop) Lotus have already seen a 13% uplift in retailer standards compliance.

Loop is also used to track retailer performance across aftersales, used cars and training. While the UK transitions to an agency-style sales model, with other markets potentially following suit, Loop will be central to the implementation, measurement, and reporting of new practices and standards.

As part of Lotus’s Vision80 strategy, which gives its franchised dealer network a chance to boost sales and profits over the next decade whilst aiming to deliver exponential growth in the future for Lotus retailers, Loop’s software has already started to facilitate and simplify the shift towards agency agreements.

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