Business Performance Dashboards

Centralise your data from across your business into a single platform. Easily monitor, analyse, and set actions on your key performance indicators in real-time.

Track KPIs, Drive Improvements

With Loop, you’ll have access to custom dashboards with the data and metrics you need. Easily create charts and graphs to visualise the data from across your network. Track your KPIs in real-time and create action plans from the data to drive improvements across your locations. 

Centralised Data

Customisable Design

Turn data into action

Case Study

Key Benefits for:

  • Centralised view of all locations’ performance
  • Ability to drill down into granular data
  • Model and derivative-level reporting
  • Predictive insights to inform strategy
  • Custom regional dashboard views
  • Monitor location KPIs in real-time
  • Identify underperforming locations
  • Track progress on regional objectives
  • Customised dashboard for location
  • Real-time metrics on location performance
  • Ability to drill down into department data
  • Insights to identify areas of improvement
  • Relevant performance metrics displayed
  • Charts and graphs for easy data comprehension
  • Understanding of how work impacts overall location goals
  • Ability to track individual and team performance
Loop business performance management software. Make data-driven decisions that improve performance.

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