Action Planning Software

Unlike basic business intelligence software, Loop allows you to set and monitor actions based on your data. Create a program of continuous improvement with custom action plans that focus on your biggest opportunities. 

Take action

Connect your insights to action plans and assign clear next steps to underperforming KPIs. With full visibility into planned actions, your teams collaborate better. They spot roadblocks, offer support, and drive ongoing improvement across your business. 

Turn Insights into Actions

Link Actions to Priorities

Structured for Effective Results

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Key Benefits for:

  • Assign actions to address insights from dashboards
  • Gain visibility into action completion across the business
  • Drive accountability with centralised tracking
  • Confidential actions enable discreet communication
  • Create actions for location managers based on KPIs
  • Monitor completion of assigned actions
  • Share best practices surfaced from actions
  • Build actions from visit agenda items
  • Receive and complete actions to address gaps
  • Update status and add comments as actions progress
  • Connect tasks to priorities and revenue goals
  • Build actions for team members
  • Understand actions assigned to improve performance
  • Update progress to provide visibility
  • Attach documents to provide context on actions
  • Clarify actions through comments and queries

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