5 tips for creating location level reporting for your network

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Written by Simon Porri

As an OEM or a Franchisor, creating reports for your network of locations can be a minefield. Here are 5 tips to keep in mind!

Don’t overload the user. Tableau Dashboards with 100 KPIs might be ok for head office, but you want to focus your network locations on a small number of KPIs that really matter. Keep to 10-15 max.

Aim for a simple interface. Don’t over complicate the presentation of the data or you will turn off your network users. Simple, meaningful insights are the order of the day at location level. Use colours or other simple methods to help with signposting and directing your users to where the issues are.

Automate. Automate. Automate. Avoid manual processes, build ways to get data flowing into the dashboard seamlessly so you can be sure it’s up to date, and accurate. Frequent updates are vital to ensure the useability of the dashboard, most metrics need to be updated at least once a day to stay relevant.

Benchmark them against each other. The best way to give your locations context on their own performance is to show them how they compare against others. Use Balanced Scorecards to rank them, show them national and local average performance. Share what others are doing. Create competitive spirit.

Don’t stop at reporting. There are too many dashboards out there that are not well used or don’t actually drive change. Centralising your KPIs and delivering the insight to your network locations is just the first stage, then you can help each location to improve the specific areas with tailored coaching, guidance and support.

Audi recently launched a set of Dashboards for their sales and aftersales dealer network and are already seeing the results from the efficiencies and insights that the reporting is providing. 

Mark Newton, National Aftersales Manager at Audi, said: “The enhanced performance dashboards provide us with a concise and clear visual representation into trends and highlights.”

“We’re pleased that we can support the network by providing them with the latest actionable data and the initial feedback from the network has been very positive.”

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