OEM Dealer Performance Management with Loop Software: A Comprehensive Solution to Common Challenges

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Written by Simon Porri

The relationship between Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and dealerships is typically one of interdependence. Dealerships rely on OEMs to provide a steady supply of vehicles, parts, and accessories to sell to their customers.

OEMs support dealerships through training, marketing, and other resources designed to help dealerships sell more effectively. OEMs may also offer financial incentives to dealerships based on their sales performance or other key performance factors, such as meeting specific customer satisfaction metrics.

Overall, the relationship between OEMs and dealerships is mutually beneficial, with both parties relying on each other to succeed in the highly competitive automotive marketplace.

Loop is an effective tool that can be used to enhance OEM-to-dealership communications as well as dealership performance management. It allows dealers to track and improve metrics such as sales volume, customer satisfaction, inventory levels, and service performance. This dealer network information can be seamlessly fed back to the OEM using Loop.

Loop provides OEMs and dealerships with real-time insights into their operations. This allows them to identify areas of improvement and means that they can then take action to improve dealer performance. This, in turn, helps to enhance the overall customer experience and increases profitability for both dealerships and OEMs.
OEM dealer performance management is not only about tracking figures and data. It also involves identifying trends, understanding customer behaviour, and staying ahead of competitors.

Contact us today if you want to improve your OEM and dealership performance. Our team is available to answer any questions you may have. We can arrange a call or demo to demonstrate how Loop can help you reach your objectives.

Common Challenges Faced by OEMs and Dealerships

Several challenges can arise when it comes to communication between OEMs and dealerships. Some of the most common problems include:

  1. Lack of Real-Time Information: OEMs often need help providing real-time information to their dealerships, which can impact the ability of dealerships to make quick decisions.
  2. Inefficient communication: Traditional communication methods, such as phone calls and emails, can be time-consuming and lead to decision-making delays. Additionally, important messages can get lost in the shuffle, leading to confusion, and missed opportunities.
  3. Data Management: OEMs need to collect, analyse, and manage a large amount of data related to the performance of their dealer networks, which can be a challenging task with an efficient system.
  4. Inventory Management: OEMs must ensure that their dealerships have the proper inventory to meet customer demands, which can be challenging without real-time information.
  5. Limited feedback: OEMs often need help to gather feedback from dealerships regarding their products and services. This can make it difficult for OEMs to make informed decisions about improving their offerings.

How Loop Can Help Solve These Problems

Loop is a software platform facilitating communication and collaboration between OEMs and dealerships. Some of the key features that make Loop an effective solution include:

  1. Real-time data sharing: Loop enables real-time data sharing between OEMs and dealerships. This ensures that both parties always have access to the same information, which can improve transparency and reduce misunderstandings.
  2. Centralised communication: Loop provides a centralised platform for communication, which can streamline decision-making and reduce the risk of important messages being lost or overlooked.
  3. Effective Data Management: Loop offers powerful data management tools that enable OEMs to collect, analyse, and manage data related to their dealership network.
  4. Efficient Inventory Management: Loop offers tools that allow OEMs to track inventory levels, manage orders, and ensure that dealerships have the right products in stock.
  5. Feedback gathering: Loop makes it easy for OEMs to gather dealership feedback. This can help OEMs identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions about improving their offerings.

In summary, Loop offers a comprehensive software solution to OEMs’ communication and collaboration challenges when working with dealerships. By providing real-time information, efficient communication, inventory management tools, and robust data management capabilities, Loop can help OEMs streamline operations and improve their relationships with dealership partners.

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