Maximising Success: 8 Key Survey Types for Franchises

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Written by Richard Reed

In franchising, success comes from upholding brand standards, driving performance, ensuring sustainability, and fostering a great environment for franchisees and customers. Surveys and audits are invaluable for franchisors to assess their network.

However, getting this data is only one part of the puzzle. Driving continuous improvement requires creating action plans based on the data and monitoring progress across all franchise locations.

1. Brand Standards Survey 

Consistent brand identity requires aligning franchisees with brand guidelines. Surveys can assess proper logo usage in signage, uniforms, packaging, and marketing materials. It can evaluate adherence to brand voice, tone, imagery, and messaging in customer communications. The survey can also check that employee interactions, store atmosphere, and policies align with brand values.

2. Health and Safety Survey 

Thorough health and safety surveys are essential for risk mitigation and legal compliance. Criteria can include incident reporting practices, equipment inspection and maintenance, staff training completion, and more. The survey can also verify required measures are in place, like fire systems, first aid kits, accident reporting documents, and emergency procedures. Capturing this data ensures franchisees implement and adhere to the franchise’s safety processes.

3. Process Survey 

This survey dives into franchise operations to optimise workflows. It can examine step-by-step sales processes, from greeting customers to suggesting add-ons. For service, it can assess processes for order taking, quality checks, and delivery. It can also evaluate back-end processes like inventory management, payroll, hiring, and financial reporting. Documenting processes in detail allows franchises to streamline and standardise operations, improve training, and ensure consistency.

4. Training Survey 

Evaluating training effectiveness requires surveying both trainees and trainers. Trainees can share comprehension of material, effectiveness of delivery methods, and readiness to apply skills. Trainers can rate course materials, engagement, knowledge retention, and pass rates. Detailed training tracking ensures franchisees are confident and competent, especially for technical skills like equipment maintenance.

5. Retention Survey 

This survey dives into which factors impact employee retention, like compensation, work-life balance, management relations, and growth opportunities. It can gather in-depth feedback on overall satisfaction, reasons for leaving, rehire likelihood, and suggested improvements. Granular retention insights allow franchises and their franchisees to proactively address pain points and foster a positive work environment.

6. Onboarding Survey 

An onboarding survey evaluates the entire process from the new franchisee’s perspective. It can assess the helpfulness of documentation provided, equipment ordering and setup, training sessions, field coaching, and ongoing support. Detailed feedback helps identify gaps and ensure a standardised onboarding process for new franchisees.

7. Sustainability Survey 

This survey examines franchisees’ sustainability practices, like waste management, energy and water use, and green operations. It can track detailed criteria like recycling practices, energy-efficient appliance upgrades, and low-flow water fixtures. It can also monitor optimisation of heating and cooling, waste reduction initiatives, and green cleaning products used. Detailed sustainability tracking ensures franchises minimise their environmental impact across their network.

8. Feedback Survey 

This survey lets franchisees share challenges, ideas, and suggestions. It can probe for details on pain points like problematic suppliers, customer complaints, seasonal issues, and competitive threats. Feedback can also highlight what’s working well, along with innovative ideas to try. This level of qualitative insight empowers franchises to make data-driven improvements.

Best Practices for Effective Franchise Surveys 

To make the most of these surveys, consider the following best practices: 

  • Use Software: Utilise survey management software for streamlined data collection and analysis. 
  • Gather Feedback, Don’t Audit: Frame surveys as opportunities for improvement rather than audits. 
  • Survey > Actions > Results: Implement a clear process that leads from surveying to taking actions and achieving measurable results. 
  • Clearly Define Expectations: Ensure that franchisees understand what’s expected of them, such as clearly defined cleanliness standards. Provide concrete examples of what meets the franchise’s standards. 

Surveys are powerful tools for franchises seeking to uphold standards, drive growth, and ensure compliance. Loop is the leading franchise management software that enables franchises to create detailed surveys and audits across their network. With this data, you can set tailored action plans for each of your locations, so they can focus on the areas of improvement which will deliver the most impact.  

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